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April 2010

Matthew Rounds leaves the relative comfort of corporate America and big energy with the quixotic goal of creating the preeminent energy consulting firm in New Hampshire.  Matthew, along with fellow energy professionals Austin Eaton and Richard Harding, founds Standard Power of America Inc as an electricity brokerage service.

July 2010

We land our first commercial client, Index Packaging in Milton NH.


Standard Power starts 2011 with twelve clients.

The company doubles down on its focus and commitment to becoming experts to the needs of its New Hampshire clientele. Standard Power begins brokering natural gas supply in addition to electricity.

September 2011

Standard Power rents its first office: a single room on the top floor shared with another firm.  It small and dingy, but the folks at Standard Power are excited to finally be able to stop working out of their kitchens.

December 2011

Standard Power hires its first full time employee: Sean Tumblety.


Standard Power has quadrupled its client base to 50.

The company becomes economically self-sustaining and bootstraps future growth and expansion to the company’s revenue.

June 2012

Robert Hayden joins Standard Power.  His expertise in engineering and advanced technologies greatly rounds out the Standard Power team.


Standard Power increases its client base to 130.

To better serve its customers, the company begins to build a network of partner companies with complimentary services.  The goal is to allow Standard Power to advise and manage synergistic solutions in a disparate and complex energy environment. Throughout the year, the company executes partnership agreements with local lighting, energy auditing, and efficiency companies.

September 2013

Richard Harding, one of the original founders, retires to Florida.

November 2013

Standard Power launches the first municipal consortium centered around twelve towns and school districts in the Monadnock region. The consortium, which uses 11 million kWhs/year, saves a combined $325,000 in its first year.  The supply is also 100% renewable energy!

December 2013

Standard Power (with strategic partner, the IRC Group) executes its first solar project at the New Harvester Market in Henniker NH.


Standard Power’s client base surpasses 200.

August 2014

Sean Tumblety leaves Standard Power to pursue his own entrepreneurial dream and founds Eco-Smart Landscaping.

November 2014

Standard Power launches a second municipal consortium of nine towns and school centered in southeastern NH. In addition, the Monadnock consortium re-ups for a second round. The combined group (24 million kWhs/year) saves $450,000 for the year.

December 2014

Ryan Polson joins Standard Power.


The company launches an initiative to actively participate in NH Public Utilities Commission proceedings to help clients navigate byzantine rules and regulations.

July 2015

After 6 months of development, Standard Power initiates a pilot program to test viability of administering hydroelectric power under New Hampshire net metering rules.

August 2015

Austin Eaton, one of the original founders, leaves Standard Power and to moves to Minnesota support his wife’s career. Austin goes on to build a successful real estate business.

September 2015

Standard Power launches a third municipal consortium of eight towns and school districts centered around the Southern NH Planning Commission region. The combined savings of the three consortia (now 37 million kWhs/yr) is $800,000.

November 2015

Standard Power’s first net-metered hydroelectric client, Fletch’s Sandblasting and Painting Inc in Epping NH, goes online.


Standard Power has a standout year, increasing accrued revenue over 200%. The company is the administrator of eleven New Hampshire net-metering qualified hydroelectric dams (1 MW or less).

February 2016

Standard Power enrolls an additional sixteen clients into the hydroelectric program after the successful alpha test with Fletch’s.

April 2016

Standard Power celebrates five years in business, having grown from an electricity broker into a multi-faceted energy consulting firm and administrator of local and sustainable energy generation.

May 2016

Standard Power executes its 1000th contract.

July 2016

Standard Power combines over fifty two towns, school districts, and municipal agencies into a “super-consortium.” The supply solution creates a hybrid of conventional competitive energy supply and net-metered hydroelectric supply to take advantage of regulatory and market conditions. The consortium (now 71,000,000 kWhs/year) saves $3.1 million per year.

December 2016

By the end of the first full year of hydroelectric administration, Standard Power has enrolled over 150 clients in hydro group net metering and is administering seventeen New Hampshire dams.


Standard Power has established a healthy mix of commercial, industrial, and municipal clients with total accrued revenue surpassing $3 million dollars. The company launches a project to codify and standardize a program to maximize value with the combined resources of competitive supply, net metered generation, onsite generation, and demand response.

March 2017

Hannah Smith joins Standard Power after Robert Hayden spots her speaking to the Legislature during a public comment session at the New Hampshire State House

May 2017

Standard Power becomes an intervener in NH PUC Docket #16-576 Development of New Alternative Net Metering Tariffs to ensure hydroelectric generation and other sustainable generation is protected.

October 2017

Hannah Smith co-chairs the Care for Our Common Home Environmental Forum, hosted by Rivier University in Nashua NH.

July 2019

Matthew Rounds, one of the origianl founders, retires to spend more time with his family and write a graphic novel. 

October 2019

Emily Manns joins Standard Power's community power initiative.

Our Team

Robert Hayden


Robert has been a resident of Lyndeborough NH for over 30 years since moving up from his native Cape Cod. Robert built his passive solar berm house back in the late 70s and recently added a roof-mounted solar array. Before joining Standard Power, Robert worked in the technology and financial sectors in sales, engineering, and management roles. Robert has three grown children and two grandkids, all of whom enjoy the Olympic size beach volleyball court he built in his backyard.

Ryan Polson

Senior Energy Consultant & Director of Hydroelectric Programs

Ryan graduated from Springfield College with a BS in Sport Management and a minor in Business Administration. A native of Wilton NH, Ryan joined Standard Power in late 2014. Prior to Standard Power, Ryan interned and worked for Special Olympics NH. In his free time, Ryan enjoys playing in volleyball and soccer leagues. He resides in Raymond NH with his wife Kathryn and dog Sophie.

Travis Daley

Energy Consultant

Travis graduated from Vermont Technical College with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering Technologies and also with a bachelor's degree in Construction Management. He worked for a large commercial construction firm as an assistant project manager and assistant superintendent. At night he maintained a hydroelectric facility which he now owns.  In 2018, he founded Daley Energy. He joined the Standard Power team part-time in early 2020 before joining full time later that year.  Travis resides in Piermont, NH. 

Emily Manns

Community Power Consultant

Emily joined Standard Power in fall of 2019 to work on community power in New Hampshire. Emily has a background in chemical engineering and is active with climate advocacy group Mothers Out Front, the Monadnock Summer Lyceum speaker series, a local opera choir, and chairs the Peterborough Energy Committee.

Matthew Rounds


In 2008, Matthew returned from New York City to New Hampshire to settle down and raise a family. Before founding Standard Power, Matthew worked in various sales and sales engineering roles for fortune 500 companies in the hi-tech and energy industries. Matthew has a wonderful wife, Amanda, and their two young children, Savannah and Quinn. They live in Windham NH where Matthew is an alternate on the Planning Board. In 2019, Matthew retired to spend more time with his family and write a graphic novel.

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