Winter Electricity Rate Update

Here at Standard Power we keep a close eye on the NH Public Utility Commission and keep our clients updated with the most recent information on their local utilities.

Eversource's rate for G meters will be 9.412¢ until January 31st, 2019. The G rate for the February-July rate period is 9.985¢. Third-party supply options remain extremely competitive. 

Eversource's GV rate (below) averages out to be surprisingly higher than previous rates periods as well as the concurrent G rate, perhaps due to capacity.

  • February 2019: 16.749¢
  • March 2019: 13.867¢
  • April 2019: 11.754¢
  • May 2019: 11.217¢
  • June 2019: 9.64¢
  • July 2019: 10.107¢

We highly recommend any clients with a GV rate be served by a third-party supply contract, as it is extremely competitive.

Liberty's rate for Large Customer Group (below) continue to be consistent with historical rates and third-party supply options are competitive.

  • December 2018: 9.323¢ 
  • January 2019: 11.976¢ 
  • February 2019: 12.864¢
  • March 2019: 10.066¢ 
  • April 2019: 7.542¢ 
  • May 2019: 6.745¢ 
  • June 2019: 5.429¢ 
  • July 2019: 5.966¢ 

There is no change in rate for the small commercial customer group (continuing at 8.299¢ until July 31st 2019).

As reported by the Valley News and the Union Leader, NHEC's rate will be 9.256¢ until April 30th 2019.This is consistent with historical rates, and third-party supply options are competitive. A recent 15% decrease in the Regional Access Charge may also impact costs.

Unitil's rate for large commercial/ industrial clients (G1 meters) is determined by "Real-Time hourly Locational Marginal Price for the New Hampshire load zone, plus an adder to cover non-energy wholesale costs." The December rate is 9.463¢ and we will update as more rates are released.

Unitil's small commercial customers (G2 meters) will enjoy a fixed rate of 10.598¢ (and variable rates below).

  • December 2018: 10.797¢ 
  • January 2019: 13.616¢ 
  • February 2019: 13.693¢ 
  • March 2019: 9.550¢
  • April 2019: 7.851¢
  • May 2019: 7.276¢

These are consistent with historical rates, and third-party supply options remain competitive (especially during the winter months).

Due to market factors such as weather and natural gas demand, we are anticipating continued high third-party supply options into the new year.

If you have any questions about your rates, please don't hesitate to reach out to a member of our team! Map image below courtesy of Mike Mooiman.

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