Autumn Electricity Rate Update

Here at Standard Power we keep a close eye on the NH Public Utility Committee and keep our clients updated with the most recent information on their local utilities.

Eversource's rate for G meters continues to be 9.412¢ until February 2019. Third-party supply options remain extremely competitive. Due to a reduction in the federal corporate income tax rate and New Hampshire Business Profits Tax rate, the NH PUC Staff calculate a permanent decrease in the Stranded Cost Recovery Charge to take place during the next rate filing. 

Liberty's rate for Large Customer Group (below) continue to be competitive for third-party supply.

  • October 2018: 7.009¢ 
  • November 2018: 7.210¢ 
  • December 2018: 9.323¢ 
  • January 2019: 11.976¢ 

As reported by the Valley News, NHEC's rate will be jumping to 9.26¢ from November 2018 to April 2019.This is consistent with historical rates, and third-party supply options are competitive.

And last, but not least, Unitil has also recently released ratesThe rate for large commercial/ industrial clients (G1 meters) is determined by "Real-Time hourly Locational Marginal Price for the New Hampshire load zone, plus an adder to cover non-energy wholesale costs." The October rate is 10¢ and we will update as more rates are released. Small commercial customers (G2 meters) will enjoy a fixed rate of 10.598¢ (and variable rates below).

  • October 2018:  7.538¢ 
  • November 2018: 8.145¢ 
  • December 2018: 10.797¢ 
  • January 2019: 13.616¢ 
  • February 2019: 13.693¢ 
  • March 2019: 9.550¢
  • April 2019: 7.851¢
  • May 2019: 7.276¢

These are consistent with historical rates, and third-party supply options remain competitive.

Industry signs are continuing to point towards potential volatility and price spikes this winter. As fuel and natural gas costs are often correlated to electricity costs, it may be helpful for customers to prepare for a shortage of natural gas storage, growing dependence on natural gas for home heating and for ISO-NE's generation, constrained pipeline capacity, colder temperatures, and above-average precipitation.

If you have any questions about your rates, please don't hesitate to reach out to a member of our team! Map image below courtesy of Mike Mooiman.

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